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Re: Holt District
« on: August 19, 2012, 11:05:25 pm »

Welcome to another update of Holt District!

In today's update we are once again in the Town of Southlands. Today we focus on the northern suburban area and some of the northern condominium buildings. We also delve into the CBD/Downtown, which of the 3 on Holt District it is the smallest. The northern suburban area of the city is a very ritzy area, house prices average $900 000. Yes, that's the average. Some, many, go for much more. The reason in it is a series of peninsulas, granting waterfront property to many, or water access close by if you aren't waterfront.The condominium buildings offer some cheaper (but smaller) living space as well,
and really boost the Shorecoast skyline.

You will also notice the photo size has increased! Photos are now 1020px wide, instead of being ~750. And today's update may be the one for me to beat - it is awesome IMO.  It features my largest ever mosaic, spanning more than 3500 pixels in length. See that at the bottom. With the wider photos come a few retouches to the general appearance, as well. Nothing major.
Let's go on to today's update!

Also, before the update starts. Be sure to check out HDHIP - it will play a HUGE part in the future of this CJ.

Shorecoast - Booming Development Along the Coast
Part 2 of 2

*Be sure to click on each photo for the fullsize.

5.1 |  Empty land. Yep, empty. Well... for now anyways. Rumour has it a developer is interested in acquiring the land and building a massive condominium complex. Whether that gets approved remains to be seen, as just months ago the Town was rumoured to be aiming to protect this land, and keep it open grassland. Talks have been slow, and with the rumoured interest, may not happen at all.

One of the most desirable developments is in the bottom right of this photo... but more on it further down.

5.2 \  Here in Northern Shorecoast, houses are expansive. Like really expensive. The ones on these specific inlets list for no less than $1.5 million. Have no fear... I hear the bank is nearby.
Whether you get approved for a mortgage on one of these properties... that's a different story completely.  And whether that's what you pay, same deal. To further complicate manners, houses here don't come up for sale often. The residents here stay for long periods of time. There is usually only one listing every 2 years. This often leads to bidding-wars...

5.3 \ Slightly further south than the above neighbourhood we arrive here, known as Islegfawn, another popular area for famlies and retirees. There are many fixer-uppers in this area, bringing the average house price down to around $675,000. Once fixed up, they can go for around $1 million, depending on the scope of work done to them.

5.4 \ If you thought the above area were expensive, you haven't seen anything yet. These houses go for an average of $3 000 000 - yes $3 Million The houses on the centre island are the most expensive, average around $4 million. Prices are really that ridiculous, and change by that large amount between areas of the Town.

5.5 \ Those looking for a Shorecoast address who can't afford the lofty prices often look to condominiums. Unfortunately, they're hit with the same type of pricing. A 2 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom, 1500 sq.ft. condo will set you back about $550 000. If you're on an upper floor and have a great view, you'd be pushing $800 000. However, these 4 buildings are typically 20% because of their exclusive nature, and the fact they are surrounded by water on 3 sides. These are some of the most desirable condos in the entire region, not just Shorecoast.

5.6 \   Now, if you need a break from sky high real-estate costs, let's go to something non-residential, the Town's CBD. Despire its size, it is the smallest of the 3 CBD's in Holt District. It employs many of the cities residents. Construction and reconstruction are very common here, as is evident by the number of new buildings.

5.7 \ Here's another view of the downtown core, with the view it overlooks. Nice, huh?  While seawalls have been investigated, and the structural integrity of the land is constantly monitored, there has been no need for the expensive walls... yet.

5.8 \ This green building is a historic landmark in Shorecost, as it is the oldest skyscraper in the Town. It cannot be torn down and redeveloped, and renovations must adhere to strict standards.
This building is a major tourist draw, with many going to its observation deck to have a look at the surrounding view, and it is a regular stop on the building tours.

5.9 \ And for fun, a night view of the Downtown Core at night, with some of the surrounding condominium buildings.

5.10 \ And for fun, a night view of the Downtown Core at night, with some of the surrounding condominium buildings.

That's all for today - If you reached the bottom of this part of the post, congratulations! Next update we will continue our exploration of the region.
Yes, there is still LOTS more to see. ;)

Next Update: We will continue to explore the existing Holt District settlements.
Be sure to checkout the completely redesigned Holt District maps website: Now featuring more than just the regional streetmap!

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