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Re: Holt District
« on: August 15, 2012, 01:22:32 pm »

Welcome to another update of Holt District!

In today's update we have moved south from Old Port to the town of Shorecoast. Unlike Old Port, Shorecoast is thriving and lively. Home to 70000 people, the housing market and condominium market is booming, so much so that development is not keeping up with the pace of demand. It is estimated that there are an excess of 5000 people looking to get into the property market in Shorecoast - in addition to those who have registered for new units.

And with all this development, a small CBD (the smallest of the 3 in Holt District - but by no means tiny), and a lot of awesome scenery, there is a lot to see. So much so that I have split our introduction to Shorecoast into 2 updates. In this update, we focus on the southern suburbs and southern "condominium area"  - as well as the immidiate area surrounding a new condo development for good measure. So with that, let's go have a look into Shorecoast...

Shorecoast - Booming Development Along the Coast
Part 1 of 2

4.1 | We begin today's update, here in the southern portion of Shorecoast. Houses in this area aren't cheap. Houses which require a lot of repairs and modernization go for mid-$400 000's to low $500 000's. Houses that have already been modernized and added onto  range anywhere the mid $600 000's all the way up to $2 million - depending on the house and location. Why are house prices so high? Perhaps it is the excellent school and convenience of the library. Perhaps it is the easy commute to Downtown Sherkston, Downtown Manatee and Downtown Shorecoast, or maybe it is the fact the majority of this neighbouhood is on the water.

Or it could be the fact there is an Ikea. Yes, it is definitely because there is an Ikea. :P

4.2 | As mentioned, a large portion of this area is surrounded by water. This little point has some very exclusive - and expensive - homes. The cheapest house to recently sell in this area sold for around $875 000.

Even the wind turbine dampens the value of the homes in this area - they are cropping up through the entire region and feature the latest in noise dampening technology.

4.3 | Due to the nature of the land in Shorecoast - the entire city is a combination of keys and islands - bridges like this are common. And thanks to the hot property market, construction scenes like this are very common as well. Houses on the water in this development have been set at a starting price of $1 000 000.

4.4 | When the housing property began to take off, developers quickly purchased land bordering the ocean. They developed condominiums in a pace never seen before (until recently) in the region. This development is one of my personal favourites - it is in a non-grid layout and has trees surrounding it. It is popular amongst buyers because of the smaller buildings.

4.5 | Just above this development lies 2 identical condominium towers and a small complex of smaller buildings - the smaller complex being the first condos in the city.

4.6 | Before we move to another area - here is the area we are currently looking at night. I thought it looked really cool thanks to the placement of the buildings.

4.7 | Okay, now we can move on.  Here we pick up where the last update left off - the newest condominium development to pop-up. Consisting of 2 buildings, the buildings sold out within a week of becoming available. The developer is already looking to construct another development...

4.8 | The new development is being constructed in an area already filled with a variety of condominiums, most of which have been completed within the past 4 years. While many buildings look alike, residents or town councilors have yet to complain, noting that while the town can try to get building diversity - it would be a long and expensive endeavor 

4.9 | This is the same area, viewed from further out. Traffic may be a concern in the future as traffic levels continue to rise. You can also see another wind turbine amongst the high-rises.

4.10 | Of course, not all of the 'islands' or keys have been developed. Some, like these, are preserved as parkland and are frequently used as recreational area by residents and tourists, despite the wind turbines.

That's all for today - I hope you enjoyed the update! This is one of our first updates to this town, with part 2 of our introduction coming up as the next update. This is one of my favourite cities, so I hope you enjoyed it as well. :)

Glad you liked Old Port - we will definitely be back to see the state of affairs in the town at a later date - for the best or the worst.

Thanks a bunch! :)

Thanks - I'm glad you liked the Old Port update especially. I figured that it may be interesting to have at least one "black swan" if you will in a thriving region. Not everything is perfect, afterall. :P

Next Update: We will continue our exploration of Shorecoast.