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Re: Durham V2 - Whitewater Territory @ Simopsis
« Reply #60 on: January 19, 2013, 09:28:05 pm »
January 2013 Referendum

This is where disputable issues will be brought up that the journal readers will decide on. This is the second referendum that has been held and includes four issues. You're encouraged to vote on all four of them.

Also, if you'd like to propose an alternative, you can.

NOTE: Bright green in these pictures indicate a proposed road.
Proposal 1: New development in scenic, forested portion of Goldspire

This issue is up for debate due to the scenery and nature of this area. Park land would be added and maintained, however.

Proposal 2: Extended residential & commercial development along Regional Highway terminus + road upgrade.

Should the area in the following picture remain cleared, undeveloped land (which would mean higher land value due to development being further away from the highway) or be developed as residential and commercial (which would slightly decrease land value, increase traffic but increase population and satisfy demand)

Issue 1: Where should the new fire department airport be located in Whitewater Run? This airport would allow for forest fires to be extinguished more easily

Issue 2: Shall an abandoned street near a power centre in White Settlement be redeveloped as mid to high rise commercial?

Once again, it is encouraged that you vote on each of these. Results will come next update.


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