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Re: Durham V2 - Whitewater Territory @ Simopsis
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Progress in the City - Part 2 + Referendum Results

There are larger photo sizes starting this update. They will be under 1280x1024, instead of 1024x768. If demand is high enough, a resized version to 800x600 will be posted (elseware, not here)

The city shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Commercial demand is slowly being satisfied while the population continues to rise. Let's take a look at some of the changes that have been made since last time.

This particular hospital has transformed the area. It is expected to be the site of the Durham University. This particular hospital is expected to become part of the medical school there.

This commercial district struggles because of its location out of the way of any residential development and because of space related issues. A high rise pod was started here, but never made it very far.

An example of some of the more obscure supermarkets making their way into the town.

Across town we find the historic center. These are modern buildings fashioned after more rustic ones. This is in uptown, within walking distance of the sea (more like puddle) of skyscrapers.

This high rise pod is expanding due to high land value and ideal location between the Water Heights and Northside subdivisions.

A fast food restaurant in a very wooded area in between the Water Heights and Northside subdivisions.

Referendum Results
In total there were 22 votes from 8 people. 2 votes from 2 people did not count. Thank you to all who made this a success. And an even greater thanks to those of you who proposed alternatives. Proposing alternatives can take the journal in an entirely different direction. Without further ado, your results:


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