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Re: Durham V2 - Whitewater Territory @ Simopsis
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[size=18]Update 19: Under the Cover of Darkness - Part 1[/size]

At sunrise on a Tuesday morning, police lined a quiet neighborhood street. Bystanders watched as the police went door to door and were talking to several people.
John Lancaster had been in Goldspire and had witnessed a group of hicks build a dangerous coal mine on stolen city property a far walk from the city center. And now, on his own street, something happened.
While anxious about what could have taken place that morning, an officer approached him, placed his hand on his shoulder and sternly asked if he knew what had just happened.

"Uhhhh, no?" replied Landsdowne.
"A group of serial killers found their way here. They ran off into the nearby woods before we could tell who they were or what they looked like. Mr. and Mrs. Long a few houses down were murdered."

Wondering if he was in danger and if he could get any more information, he turned on the news to find that a similar situation had just happened in Whitewater Run no more than two hours before. And on top of that, there was a bank robbery in White Settlement and a wildfire along a rural stretch of the Regional Highway which was only extinguished by fire planes. Each of these had no suspects, in fact, there weren't even any persons of interest.

By this time it was getting quite obvious that this would evolve into a huge scandal, a controversy. The entire region had already been disrupted by this string of events. Were they by the same person? It seemed to be that way at first glance but it could have been different people. And if so, were they connected?

"After the police left things seemed to go back to normal, the sound of construction on a nearby highway expansion commenced once again and the sound of traffic increased. Then the sky darkened further and the snow began falling once again. It was a Tuesday and a foot of snow wouldn't be enough to shut down the city, so off to work it was. It was a very slow drive into Whitewater Run because the snow plows had only cleared and treated the right lane of traffic and the ice was already re-accumulating, so I had plenty of time to think about this. The area I work in is safe, but I'm not far at all from the edge of the remote forest. What would happen if they made their way there? And the fact that these people were on the loose made me queasy. Thankfully I'd get off of work early, two more feet of snow were expected by tomorrow morning."


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