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Re: Durham V2 - Whitewater Territory @ Simopsis
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Update 20 - Under the Cover of Darkness - Part 2

I walked into the regional headquarters building and took the elevator up to floor 17, which is where my office is. There was this person on the elevator going to the same floor as I was. He was biting his nails, breathing heavily and had a nervous look on his face. I didn't want to ask what he was nervous about, so when we got to floor 17, we both got off. As I walked down the hall toward my office, this person followed me until I opened the door. Then he immediately turned around, and walked the opposite direction, turned down another hallway, and I didn't see him again.

After a few minutes I got engulfed in writing reports and taking phone calls that I didn't give that person any further thought. But then as I was taking a break, sitting by my window looking out over the forest, I heard loud yelling and someone pounding on a table from the office next to me. I sort of figured that his computer crashed or he accidentally clicked "don't save" on a report, and the person next to me had anger problems to begin with.

Except the person next to me was on vacation.

I stepped next door and quietly knocked on the door just to see who was filling in for him. They had seemingly put a brown paper cover over the window on their door, and I heard rustling and quiet talking when I knocked and then, all was silent. I knocked again, and someone said "who is it?"

"It's me, John Lancaster, the person from the office next door."
"Oh..... uh.... come in...."

I was surprised to see that this was the exact same person I met in the elevator. Except he was breathing even more heavily than he was before. I tried to engage in some conversation to try to get to know him, he might just be nervous about something or likes to talk to himself.

"So, your name is?"
"Uhm... Clark?"
"Well, nice to meet you Clark. John Lancaster."
"So are you filling for Lewis?"
"Umm.. uh.. yeah?."
"So, are you new here? And what is your position?"
"Uh, no, I worked on, uh, floor 14. I was moved here. I'm record manager?"
"Okay, good to meet you."

I was wondering about this person and why he was unwilling to talk, why he was biting his nails and why he kept fidgeting. I didn't want to start rumours, might just be that he has avoidant personality disorder, but this person was making me nervous too, so I went to some co-workers and asked what they knew about it. I asked two people who were next to me and a few others across the hall, they had all seen him but never did go to see who he was, because of his nervousness.

I immediately felt that this person wasn't supposed to be here. What was all the rustling? And why did it sound like several people were talking? And if that was the case, what happened to all of them? I went to the district manager to see if he hired a Clark. I told him what he had said, and I told him about the noise and yelling that I heard. He replied, "There is no Clark working on floor 17. There wasn't a Clark on floor 14 either. There's only "Clarks" on floors 8 and 25.

The district manager told me to stay in his office, and not to go back to mine. He immediately went to this alleged "Clark's" office.

The office was in a huge mess, the window was open, and nobody was there.


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